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What story have you been telling yourself?

The Bravery of Undoing

You are probably wondering what that means. FAAF. So where shall I start? About a year ago… mmm, actually…perhaps you can let FAAF linger in your mind whilst reading this blog and see if you figured it out at the end. We good? Great. Back to, the story.

That which has been, and maybe is, holding us back, must first be thanked. We must be grateful for those things. They were protecting you on some level, at some point in time. And knowing those things intimately, the things we always look to with discontent, is crucial.

And only then can we start letting go of them. And write the new story. Starting with Chapter 1. This depends only on you. And me. But we can collaborate. We can support. We can listen. Deeply. But only we can change, ourselves. No one else. Taking responsibility and deliberate intent or action towards this new story.

“Your story becomes your identity.” –Zach Bush

You get to choose your story. You get to choose your identity. But are you willing to let go of that which is? That which you thought you have been? Are you willing?

Telling the story of a Learner or a Leader (and note, to me, there is no distinction) we need self- regulation. Self- regulation leads to functioning better. Overall. In work, in life, in learning. In addiction, in breaking or making habits, in listening, in creativity. The world becomes your oyster through your own inner abilities.

I am referring to seemingly trivial things such as: realizing that taking time- out is NOT staring at your phone but instead staring at a horizon, dilating your pupils, widening, literally, your vision: a panoramic view as James Altucher calls it. On the phone, your brain remains busy. It doesn’t care what it’s busy with. Breathing exercises and yoga nidra or yogic sleep (if these sound foreign and scary, do not fear I am here, and have been practicing the latter for 9 years), either turning up your adrenaline or turning up the dial on dopamine. Basically, moving you into action or relaxing your state of mind/body. We are all different and unique and to perform at peak performance we need different inputs at different times, depending on our internal states vs our external environments.

Great news is, according to hard- core scientists like Dr. Andrew Huberman is that we are actually able to self- regulate. And these methods are all for FREE. Trick is: becoming interested, interested enough, in yourself, your story, and what story you would like to tell in the world you are living and operating in, to actually take the steps and learn what needs to be done.

A learnership in self, a learnership in storytelling and specifically, your storytelling. And a Learnership in learning. To self- regulate.

When we learn to become a leader, we step into that narrative, start telling that story and taking appropriate actions. But you can’t unless you remain a learner. A learner of yourself, as you change, and a learner of life. The ebb and flow. The coming and going. The dying and rebirth. Carol Dweck calls this continuous growth process in both individuals and companies The Growth Mindset. Which basically means you can only go one direction. Forward.

Moving forward, scientifically proven and studied in labs, physically puts you in a winning mindset. Moving forward can be anything from taking a short walk, writing a perfect email, walking to the window and observe the sunrise or sunset.

This is a story Advanced Assessments and Training started telling. The story of Forward. And through narrative, deliberate action and process, intimately getting to know each individual, each employee’s story, each department’s story, AAT’s collaborative story, a creed, an acronym was born: FAAF!

“Forward Advanced Assessments Forward.”

Be willing to let go of the old story, to embrace the possibility of the new. A new story. A new you. Every time. All the time. Forever. Forward.

What’s your story? What’s your creed?

“We are the curators of the planet”

Dr. Andrew Huberman



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