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Artificial Intelligence

 “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

-Tweet by Elon Musk on AI

When we look at random dots on a screen. They are random dots. When they light up, we might look at them again, as a slight interest is sparked. Why do they light up? Then, a line is drawn from one dot to the next, to the next, and the next, till an image is created and we see the picture. Clearly. A pattern was created and recognized and something new emerged that we couldn’t see before.

Connections were made out of something seemingly meaningless. Random dots. But the connection made the difference. This difference, the image, the new, the “seeing clearly,” might even create a reaction inside the person seeing: “Aahhh! I get it! I see it! O wow!” A feeling emerges. Excitement. Awe. Understanding. Integration. Growth. Potential development. We moved from dot to pattern to picture through a system. A system of connection.

Artificial Intelligence is a system.

And the “Aahhh!!!” is the Art. The Art in Artificial Intelligence. The feeling. The human. The experience. The purpose.

When I hear the word artificial, it sounds…fake. On the surface. Plastic. But now grouped together with Intelligence, all of a sudden its fancy, other- worldly, clever, something most of us don’t really “get” except hard-core scientists, engineers, data analysts, developers and even physicists. And even they don’t “get” the extent of AI yet, in my opinion. But they have skin in the game. They are participating in this system. So…how can we? Or rather, how are we?

AI is something we must clearly take seriously. I mean, it is literally everywhere around us, watching us, analysing us and prompting us as to what we must be interested in or distracted by next…and that’s on a basic level… Facebook, Instagram, Google…

This might seem scary, as if AI is the “enemy.” Even South African born Elon Musk, founder, CEO, CTO and chief designer of SpaceX, CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc. expresses his concerns. Musk says it’s not that AI will necessarily take over the world by following its own will, but it will follow the will of the humans creating the AI.

And who are these humans? What are their intentions? Their beliefs. Their values. Their “why.” What if this creator is you? And me?

This brings me to intentionality of the creators. The art of the Artificial lies with the artists. Artists include every single being, from human, to nature, organism and elements. Everything is created and everything creates.

Art is a system.

When creating we need structure. We need a system. A beginning and an end. According to Steven Kotler the rest will be taken care of in our brains through pattern- recognition and creation. Connecting the dots. This is the premise that Artificial Intelligence is built on: mimicking the patterns of the brain, being exposed to a multitude of possibilities and from there doing what we humans need it to do or be.

The responsibility lies with us though, so that AI will serve humanity, not destroy.

Hence Elon Musk’s startup, Neuralink, trying to directly link brains and computers. The premise of which is that AI must be built in union with humanity.

But where can we start? Today. Wisdom that costs nothing.

A very basic structure to follow as humans and also when thinking of anything we are creating like AI, is found in Stoicism. The Stoics propose in short:

  1. Accept
  2. Pause
  3. Be Clear about what you Want
  4. Embrace Adversity

I know I have thrown out a multitude of dots regarding being human, creativity and Artificial Intelligence, and in the coming weeks my intent is to go deeper into the different areas of this vast field to expand our consciousness around Artificial Intelligence, being human, intentionality and possibilities, with special attention on learning and development.

And hopefully somewhere on this path we will connect the dots and see the picture. The AHA! moment and move forward in understanding, integration and creation of something new, through which we will serve.


“The Art in Artificial Intelligence is the Alignment of Intention.”


Empathic AI.

So, what is your Intention?




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