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AI: The Art of Impossible

“Yesterday it seemed impossible, today it is possible and tomorrow it is real.”


Part 1

Ever wonder about wonder. The Well of wonder. Welling in Wonder.

I just love the word wonder. It reminds me of curiosity. Possibility. But even more. It opens our minds to magic. To what might be….that which, as of now, still seems Impossible.

Once we hear the word Impossible we could feel overwhelmed. I do…sometimes frozen. Sometimes free.

Looking at the word Overwhelmed…I have given myself permission to take out the hell and make it over- Welmore than well. One step from frozen to free…

I then proceed to feel in my body what overwhelmed feels like. I link this to a sensation in my body like “tight”, “contracted” and give it an emotion for example anxious, sad, angry….with practice and repetition it becomes easier to identify the word “overwhelm” as soon as we experience it. In our everyday life.

Step 2: feel and visualise a Well…what does your well look like? A physical well. What does a well do…for villages? How old are they? (Ancient by the way…).

What do you feel like when you feel Well?

Wondering about the word Well becomes the art, as you start researching, learning, connecting images and feelings to the word. Details are crucial.

…..This simple process links the head and the heart. Feeling and thinking merge. And we stop managing problems but rather find ourselves on the playground of projects.

Words can “live” in our head. To bring them alive and animate them we make them a feeling, a sensation. An experience.

In short: getting it out of our heads and into our bodies. The mind thinks. The mind does not DO….physically. It intends to do…but the doing is done by the body.

The Art of the Impossible is the Acting of the Intention.”- Odelle



David Allen motivates us to “Get it of our heads and onto paper” in his book Getting Things Done.

The result: space. Space to be clear. Space to think. Space to be…to Art, to Act. Intentionally.

Once it’s out, every single thing, including the cat food, the enrolment of the new Learnership, the lightbulb that needs replacing and Mom’s birthday coming up…there is a next action to be taken. The smallest possible action. On Every Single Thing. From cat food to Mom.

But how?

Let’s call this process (I just made it up…):

ACT: Acting Consistently Timely- Getting Things Done, from Head to Heart.

Step 1: All the thoughts, together, form what I call a mushgabush. Like a ball of wool that a cat got hold of…knots. Mission. Scream!!!!!

That’s the feeling.

Feel that feeling. In the body and in the heart. The sensation. The emotion.

Step 2: Write it down. Yes, good old pen and paper. Simple.

Step 3: Step back, and in that space, WONDER… what does this mushgabush look like when it’s done? Clear? What do you see? What do you feel?

Step 4: Pen to paper: write down, what’s the next ACTION? The smallest possible action. To get to the magical wonder of done and well.

Example: Mom birthday.

Next action: buy gift.

Very next action: decide what to buy. Get in car, drive to shop….

Like Magic “Mom” disappears off your to- do list and Mom is actually smiling…hopefully. “Mom birthday” is transformed from the abstract Impossible to the real, Possible.

And perhaps Overwhelm becomes Well…eventually. As we start wondering about the Impossible, it becomes an Art. Creative. Something we can engage with.

The Art of Impossible.

And so our mushgabush, ball- of- wool mind gets untangled, unknotted and we are freed to allow infinite space in order to be present to what we are presented with. Now. Today. This moment.

As we step fully into the present, the gift, now, time stands still. And Flow follows.

The Impossible becomes possible through the art of clarity, consciousness, consistency and engagement in the space. This space.

What more could we wish for.

Just a thought for you to well on, in wonder…sitting at the wishing well.




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