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“As above, so below.”̽

A conversation with my Love:

Him: “Hey my Love, what you doing?”

Me: “Love, this blog, I have so many great ideas. I started writing, and there was such a beautiful flow and then… everything started spirallingout of control. I have so many angles, each one so perfect …but… they don’t align. They don’t come together. I don’t even know what the point is that I was originally trying to make. It’s a mess.”

Him: “So maybe that’s the point.”

Me: “What?”

Him: “It’s messy”.

Me: “Huh?”

Him: “The blog. Maybe it IS messy. Maybe it’s a messy blog. You are still learning love. That is how you develop. Isn’t that your point?”

And there it was. The moment of truth. Crystalized. That was my point. It gets messy. And I had to begin, again. To find my point. Again. My purpose. My Why. For this blog. Development.


But why?

Well, to Develop. Again.

This cyclical nature of development reminded me of my mother a few years ago. After suffering a quadruple bypass, she lost her job as an air hostess (and they wouldn’t consider her for other opportunities like training, ground- staff etc.) The consequence: a complete loss of identity. A spiral downwards. “Why won’t they develop me and utilize my 30 years’ experience?” A whole lifetime of hard work felt wiped out. Pointless.

And so, my mom started painting. Trees.

Interestingly enough though, all her paintings’ trees were uprooted…the roots were on top of, not below, the ground. Beautiful, but exposed.

When asked why her roots were not like they “should be”, she commented: “It’s the only way I can express what I am feeling.” It was her way of healing. Her way of ending the one cycle: flying, up in the air, slowly transitioning into the next cycle of development, rooting down into the ground. But first, she had to uproot and expose: her hurt, her loss, her identity, in order to develop. Again. Deeper.

“Go deep, not wide.”

And that is the point of a Learnership. To Develop.

Ya sure, we have the extras, the incentives, the BBB-EE score, and the tax thingemajig…oooeeeee, aaahhhh. No.

That’s like the bee in the pitcher plant…tasting the sweetness and then it just can’t get enough and slips into the abyss.̽  Because it got side-tracked by the extras. The score, the cash- back. Those are fun. But don’t let them kill your purpose.

We must always come back to the Core Purpose of Why we embark on the Learnership. It’s like a treat, I mean tree…of Life.

Every time things get messy and spiral out of control instead of spiralling inwards and outwards simultaneously like a vortex, pulsing, naturally, rhythmically, ask yourself: am I sticking to the core? The Why.

The core purpose.

Your Why behind Learnerships. Yes You, the Company, and You, the Learner.

The Why will determine your culture. Your beliefs. Your values.

Yes yours, the Company’s, and yours, the Learner’s.

When we ask Why, we go deep.

When we ask Why, again and again, we Develop.


The  Learnership Tree of Development

The seedling= The intention/ the core purpose

The roots = The culture, the qualities

The bark = The company

The branches = The employees

The leaves = The learners

The elements = The training provider

The seed is our core, our purpose, our intention. Our Why.


We can only have ONE seed.

If there are too many “whys,” too many seeds, development becomes scattered, vague, meaningless and more “incomes” than outcomes…wide, not deep. Short- term gain versus long- term investment.

What we see is what we’ve sown. We call it Outcomes- based education for a reason. “As Above…” The outcome will reflect the intention and purpose the Learnership was embarked on in the first place.

Sure, learners get skills, qualifications, they can do the work. Outcomes. But development goes so much deeper. Into the self, the group, the culture.

A few weeks ago Advanced Assessments and Training treated the managers to a half- day Enneagram workshop with Human Element, facilitated by Jaline Connoway. Also the company’s Integral Coach.

It wasn’t team building, but team delving. Deep diving into self- development, bearing fruits of understanding of one another and forming core connections within the group.

Interdependence. Like the Tree of Life. No one part can thrive without the other. (I keep writing treat of life…)

Everything clicked and we came out, more integrated. More developed as a team. Curious about ourselves and others, excited for more growth. Again. And again. Fresh eyes…aha moments. A Beginner’s mind…(You thought it, I said it…well Suzuki did.)

As for my mom, she stopped painting the uprooted trees. And rather embraced them. She went to the core, and developed, again. Deeply.

When you lose your way, ask your why, uproot and

“Go Deep, not Wide.”

Because remember

“As Above, So Below.”̽




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