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The Master Learner

“When the Art of Learning, becomes the Art of Living.”

The past “tri- blogs” focused on Essence. Finding your essence, being curious about yourself. How your essence will bring you closer to your unique style of learning and integration and becoming the gateway to your one- of- a kind way of implementing: doing. And lastly, carving out a system, so you can do it again. And again. Ultimately: making it your own.

This to me is Mastery. According to H. E Davey, author of Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Meditation, even the way we write can become an art, evident in calligraphy. When we become conscious of the process and really focus with intent on the Way we do, every action is an expression of self and can become art. Acting becomes Arting

Okay stop, pause. This refocuses the way we use language: “I’m not just doing an action when at work, learning or living. I am… ‘arting’.

Does this maybe spark some feeling, some new perspective, some excitement? Taking the have to out of it and seeing it as a choice, an opportunity… to make it into art. Transform it. When it leaves your office, your desk, your hands, it leaves with a sense of heart. A unique essence which tells the story of a master. You. An alchemist. A game- changer… That could be fun don’t you feel?

Josh Waitzkin, author of The Art of Learning, has impacted the way I view my own learning journey. He chooses to fail, play with failures, assess the failures and the process, do it again. Begin again. Over and over again. Refining. And in doing so, his life has become a mastering of the learning journey and whatever else he chooses to do or become. Sharing his way, in a way, that can inspire others to find their own way. Their uniqueness. Their process and their mastery.

We often fall into the trap of aiming for success. Great. But what comes after the success? More success? Hate to break it to you…but that is not always the case. In fact.

Success is linear. Like the ladder… there is only one. And it has an end- point. (I’m still trying to figure out how you stack one ladder onto another to make it go further…Doesn’t it collapse?)

Mastery is circular. It always comes back to the next beginning. But, in a new way…

Mastery is the pond into which you throw that little stone, however you want. Your essential rock, thrown in your unique way …hard, soft, gentle, with a move…And what happens? Every time? A ripple is created. An effect is created. The ripple– effect.

And that ripple as the potential to change you, the next time you begin again, mastering your skill, your learning, your work, your life. But most importantly, your ripples will affect others and the world around you. And nothing can ever be the same again.

You have Rippled, through Mastering, becoming a Master Learner, beginning again, refining the process, creating a system and ultimately affecting the world. However big your world is now.

Let’s not aim for ladders, but ripples.

Let’s not aim for success, but Mastery.

3 Steps:

  1. Deep self- enquiry: the journey to your essence, your unique magic. “Know thyself.”
  2. Create a system, research, create. Your system. “Arting.”
  3. Decide on the smallest possible, actionable step you can take every day to stay consistent. “Master Learning.”


You are rippling, while Arting!



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