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Practicing Essence

The Art of a Process

When we start a new venture, project or in our case, Learnership, it can seem overwhelming. Ultimately we want to get rid of the fear and procrastination of learning and “actioning” something new, effortlessly, with the feeling of enjoyment and being present.

We want to create from and be in flow. Flow is a state where skill meets challenge. The meeting point of something you can do with something that is new, out of your comfort zone…

But what do we need? We need a process to follow. How do we follow the process? By creating a practice… a habit…to change our behaviour, our way of being, and ultimately harnessing this new I. Identity.

I said habit…not habitS for a reason…remember the essence? The One Thing?

So what is the Essence of a Learnership? It is learning something we did not previously have knowledge of, and then putting it into practice. Applying it. Merging the head with the hands.

But we cannot skip the link. Between the head and the hands is the heart. The essence. The feeling. The human. The being. We are after all human beings, not “human doings.”

Step 1: A Learnership really starts with learning about oneself, first. Your essence. What do you want to get out of the learning journey? If you had to pick one thing. Get specific. This will create focus, clarity and a roadmap to take action. Your decision making will be streamlined if you know which direction you are heading because you know the why.

But how do you do this? You start practicing the art of listening. Really listening. Not to everything at the same time. But to one thing, one person at a time. Cultivating presence of mind. You start becoming aware of your thoughts while listening and you are graced with the rare opportunity of listening to yourself in this process. Your truth.

Step 2: Learning how to Learn. So many of us want to learn something external, but we haven’t learnt how to take the external knowledge and integrate and understand it, in our unique way. It’s never a one- size- fits- all approach. Understanding ways of learning and aligning it with your unique way of understanding is essential prior to any external learning journey.

Get familiar with ways of learning: mind mapping, repetition, breaking the whole into smaller bits, rewriting pieces in your own words, understanding your understanding, trying not to cultivate the parrot methodology. If your vision includes learning knowledge to understand, integrate and perhaps create a new version, then you want to spend time on this. If parrot is the vision: reciting others’ understandings, well done. Stop reading here. Please.

Human beings ultimately want to develop. But not merely for the sake of developing. Developing on purpose. Purpose gives birth to meaning. And meaning is shared by connecting to others to co- create something way more powerful than that which you can ever sustain by yourself.

We want to develop a new way of being. Not just doing.

So start your Learnership journey, whether company or learner, with a powerful question:

   How can this Learnership serve me to discover my essence? My heart.

Be specific. Sit with the question. Feel the question. Listen. And when you find the one thing, ask:

   How can my essence serve me to learn to learn, and eventually master?

A Learnership is YOUR journey.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.”

-Chinese Proverb

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