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Unlock 2021

“Nature vs Nurture”
Are we really still pondering?

Wow…2020. Need I say more. Lockdown. Lock- in. Lockup.
Work, family and life as we know it, turned upside down and inside out. A real Black Swan Phenomenon. An event we didn’t see coming. Even in our wildest dreams.
How often were you asked: Are you surviving?

History was made. And our future depends on how we frame this history.
Biggest reminder to me as a super over- controlling human being was the simple truth: the only constant in life is change.
And so we did. We changed.

We wore masks. Changed the way we worked. Often faced with seeing our families more than we are accustomed to. For better or worse. Connected or disconnected. And ultimately, locked into ourselves. Our own minds. Our own beings and way of being. The silence that comes with barely any traffic on the road can have a ripple effect of barely any traffic within…or more. Depends on your traffic…

This makes me wonder: do we stay busy every day to stay busy. To escape ourselves. The endless pursuit of not facing our own inner beings?
I mean, isn’t this where real learning starts? Knowing oneself so intimately to see your own blind spots, your magic, your way and where and how you trip yourself up, in order to share, make new, create, connect and carve a deeper route, a longer route, perhaps a different route, together.
In yoga we place ourselves in “locks”: certain postures that create a bind, or knot. A “bandha.” This can seem uncomfortable as the energy and blood flow seems to stop, including the breath sometimes. After holding the lock, comes the release. Blood starts flushing like a waterfall, breathing is deepened and energy flows. Like a river. The channels are opened.
To me this was 2020. We were in Lockdown. Surviving was key.
So my wish to you for 2021 is an Unlock. Of your potential. Your passions and gifts. Your Essence.
And knowing that you did survive, maybe the new question can be:

“How are you Thriving?”

Pondering question for 2021: how effectively have we been nurturing nature?
Maybe Mother Nature has been yearning for a breath. And now we, humanity, are wearing masks…every day. Ventilators keep some alive.
Where was the Earth’s protective gear against us. Our ambitions. Our faster, having more, spending more, “each- to- his- own mindsets.”

In the end, Nature will win. And we won’t see it coming. The Black Swan. So perhaps we can all take one small step towards becoming more mindful when we consider our actions and the impact on the Environment.

Advanced Assessments and Training has been working towards a naturally mindful mindset. Less paper. Less waste. More Learning. More Natural. Collaborate with Nature.
Nurture Nature.



The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, 2007

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